With regards to today

It is approximately 7.10pm when I start this post. I’m in the hospital, not that that’s a surprise. My grandmother had her surgery today. It was laproscopic and she not has two plates screwed to her femur. I’m relieved that her pre-op assesment went well. The cardiologist wasn’t too keen when he saw her yesterday. But luckily, her echocardiogram showed a reasonable left ventricle function (aka her heart pumps okay) with moderate mitral regurgitation and aortic stenosis (aka valve problems).

I spent the rest of Friday in the hospital and the whole of today so far too. My parents, brother and uncles went for dinner, so I’m here monitoring my grandma. I volunteered to stay, just doing a bit of my part because I won’t be around for the rest of her recovery.

I am glad I finished my posting on Thursday so there wasn’t anything pressing for me to do this weekend, aside from some grocery shopping and a few things I need to pick up for my paediatric rotation.

I am tired but looking at the fragile little lady beside me, I’m glad I was able to make it back in time. Hospitals aren’t nice places when you’re not well.


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