I have flown more in the past 2 years than in the first 20 years of my life. Flights are always a quiet time to ponder things, unless you’re seated beside someone you know, who wants to talk.

Not that I mind sitting beside my housemate because she’s great, but there are times when I treasure the silence.

That’s partly the reason I placed my seat across the aisle from her and my other housemate today. Yes, I am drafting this while on a plane.

The sun is toasting the left side of my face while somehow burning a hole into the tip on my shoulder. No, not literally of course, but a well placed magnifying glass would do the trick.

Flying is the equivalent of a certain number of ‘xrays’ (note- look this up). I think there should be a limit to how much radiation a person is allowed to endure a year. But what would that do for our already failing economy, if people weren’t allow to fly as often as they like

Perhaps flying can be equated to smoking, there are risks to it, you are informed about it, but you do it anyway.

Perhaps I take that too far.

My flight was delayed by a whole hour today. Within that same hour I got word that my Lola tripped over one of the dogs and fractured her femur. My parents, uncle and brother rushed from work and called an ambulance. Which also means I am off to the hospital the minute I get my luggage.

A fractured femur isn’t great with a background of severe osteoporosis, and if she requires surgery, my Lola is the worst patient to be placed before the anesthesiologist for a pre-op work-up. I don’t know if things will go well. I don’t know anything at the moment.

My heart is like lead in my chest, more reason for me to be grateful that I am seated away from chatty people because I am not up for a chat at the moment. My mind is filled with ‘worst case scenarios’, only made worse by statistics learned in medical school in relation to osteoporotic fractures. I cannot help but think of how much pain is to come for her, and can feel my heart twist in my chest.

The plane will land soon and I’ll find out what her xrays show. It’s going to be a long weekend, for all the wrong reasons.


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