Weekly Roundup #3

Hello my darlings!

I wish I could have written this last week. Unfortunately, the moment I sat down to do it, I ended up being caught up in the bathroom because I was bent over puking my guts out. Or having diarrhoea. It’s not a pretty sight.  I was really sick that I ended up missing ward rounds. I never do that. It has been a pretty crap (mind the pun) week. I ended up throwing up everything I ate (or it came out through the other side) for the past few days. Today has been a pretty miraculous day because neither of that has happened so far.

I probably got salmonella poisoning or something.


Anyway, last week was pretty tiring. I had my presentation for Research Week and frankly, that could have gone better. To begin with, my research project is a pretty ‘sensitive’ title (I can’t mention it here, in case this comes back to bite me in the butt, or Google Search catches up with me). And when I got asked questions, it wasn’t great. But WHATEVER. I didn’t want to win because frankly, there were better studies.

But that same research ate up two nights of this week which was sucky. A few hours each night, slaving away trying to rectify complaints the ethics board placed at our door. I resent this study so much right now. This was me most of the time:

Believe me people, never jump into a research unless you TRULY FREAKING CARE about it. Don’t jump into it just because it’ll look pretty on a CV. It’s not worth it. Honestly.

In better news, I got my package from Fox&Star. It’s my present to myself for my birthday: Washi tape, stickers and a 6 month planner. I have not started using it yet because this week has been me being mostly dead and dehydrated, but I shall keep you updated when I do. It’s too pretty to resist.

4 3 1 planner

I am back for the weekend, a good 3 days because Monday is National Day here in Malaysia. I look forward to my time at home with my family and my dogs (DOGS ARE THE BEST OKAY). I’m also very excited to sleep in. Sleeping in is good.

I hope you all have a great weekend. xx


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