Weekly Roundup #2


Overall, this past week hasn’t been a ‘good’ one for me. I’ve been having a rough time. But I will not bore you with my tales of woe. Let’s talk about something else:

My parents and brother came down and spent Saturday and part of Sunday with me, which was good. I had been looking forward to that visit since I came back. It’s nice to have an ‘imagined’ time away with family when you’ve just gone through a pretty tough time. I will always be grateful for them taking time out to drive down and ‘hang-out’. It’s such a comforting feeling having your main source of support there.

It was my birthday on Saturday (23!) and I received Lydia’s card and present just in time. This little magnet (it’s a map of North America because that’s where she’s from) is adorable and thoughtful, I’m definitely putting it on my magnetic board when I go home at the end of the month. The card is delightful. I am not one to tell my parents what to get for me for my birthday (I do know people who do that, and while that’s perfectly sound, I didn’t actually ‘need’ anything), but they got me Bose headphones which are excellent. Plus, they have a wireless option, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally ripping the cord out of my laptop.

magnet PB bose

I won’t lie, last night was particularly tearful for me. I just felt the whole weight of this coming week on my shoulders and I started sobbing on Facetime with my parents. It was one of those terrible ‘heaving-cannot-talk-really-losing-it’ type of moments that just worried them. I wish I had better control over my emotions. I just needed to completely collapse under the weight of the situation, before I could get up again.

I just need to be psych myself up and ‘stabilize’ my mood. I will be okay. I can handle this.


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