insert “Michael Scott screams NO” gif here

yeah, this one:

My Wifi died.

My watch died.

My fan died.

And I have a really, really, really long day tomorrow.

This has been a trying time. And I had no idea how reliant I was on technology until that very moment. I had a rough day to begin with, and then everything went wrong at the same time.

I hate that I have to rely on the Internet to amuse myself, or to do my work. I really require a fan to survive the heat (plus, there was terrible air pollution that has seeped into my room! Ventilation is sorely needed). I need a watch on a daily basis because it’s part of my daily ‘gear’. The whole situation just made me want to collapse on the floor and cry.

I did half of that. I laid on the ground for a few minutes, just staring at the ceiling while iTunes played random songs, and contemplated how shitty the past 12 hours had been.

This was completely unneeded.

No one needed a crappy day.

I know I didn’t.

chris traeger

But such is life, no?

What else is there to do then to get up, and try to work it out?

I have ordered a brand new fan online (thank goodness for a data plan, because I would be dead without it) which will hopefully arrive in the next few days. The one I have right now has been giving me grief for the six months. I am done with it.

My watch will have to wait till my parents come over this weekend. The stupid Wifi will be dealt with by the technicians tomorrow. Or we can just wait and be very patient.

Breathe in. Breathe out.




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