Weekly Roundup #1

Hello lovelies.

As promised earlier this week, I’ll be doing weekly roundups, a way to mention the highlights of the past 6/7 days, without the pressure of making sure it has pictures or a certain number of points. I’m going to do my best to commit to doing these until the end of year, at the very least.

So, how has this week been? The highlight was today: I got to assist on my first surgery! It was an Emergency Lower Segment Caesarean Section due to foetal distress, and I got to be the second assistant. There ended up being some complications with the baby, so I had to be first assistant for the closing up. It was a great experience. The registrar was pretty nice; I was on-call today and I needed to see one more C-section to get it signed off in my logbook so I decided to go for the first one for the day, with my colleague. We ended up staying for five in total, and we both got to assist in one each. It was pretty nice. The registrar told us that we could, after the second surgery, so we decided to skip lunch (and I skipped breakfast already, so I have not eaten all day) and stay for another three.

It’s not a huge deal, and the surgery itself wasn’t too long. But, my first surgery! I didn’t expect to get to assist while we were medical students, but we did. I am truly grateful. 🙌

The rest of the week has been so-so. Today was my second on-call this week, and I am glad I got the ‘two in a week’ on-calls over and done with. I just want to sleep in right now but no such luck, of course. There’s always more to do, for some reason.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week ahead. x


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