three weeks in review

I think I should return to weekly blogging, despite feeling like I have no time for it. While I am quite occupied, I find myself being able to keep up with certain shows and taking long naps. If I can do that, I can blog. Blogging is fun, so why not?

It has been almost three weeks since my last post. Nothing much has happened in that time, the only ‘major’ event being my haircut, which I got last weekend. It’s very short actually, shorter than my last. I think shorter hairstyles work better for me. It’s less fuss and I feel like my hair is healthier that way. Right now, it’s more similar to a 1920’s ‘flapper’ style, coming right under my ears. It shall soon grow out but I find that I am more inclined to maintaining it at this length, more or less.

O&G is terrible. Well, that’s perhaps too harsh. What I strongly dislike it how tiring it is. You wake up very early, go for rounds, go for classes, prepare for other things. Then tutors can get pretty harsh, with one making me cry two weeks ago (That was just a terrible time for me. I ended up hiding in a stairwell and sobbing after that clinic session. I am honestly a little traumatised that I actually avoid this particular doctor now). Needless to say, I will never consider this as a speciality in the future. There is nothing that appeals to me in O&G. While I agree that ‘the gift of life’ is amazing and seeing happy mothers is nice, I do not have the mental, emotional, and physical endurance to handle this on a regular basis. I cannot wait for it to end.

Anyway, I hope to resume writing here again, on the weekends as a ‘weekly roundup’ sort of thing. I hope you’re all doing well! x


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