One of ‘those people’

It is 8.45am. I am at Starbucks with my laptop.

I have become one of ‘those people’.

Let me back it up: I’m going to the bank to deal with my mom’s car loan/’something related to a car that has to be done in a bank’ and the only bank that does it is in SS15. If you have no idea where this is, it’s the worst place to find parking in the whole of Klang Valley. Literally, the only bank that can do the work is this one. So, I woke up bright and early, found myself proper parking for my car, and parked my own butt in the Starbucks near the bank.

So, yes, this whole thing has some purpose.

The first thing I do is walk past Starbucks because it feels weird walking into it at 8.30am. I pace a bit more, then walk in thinking ‘screw this. I need to sit somewhere because it’ll be another hour before the bank actually opens’. Just my luck, the girl behind the counter is a former school mate from the year below me. Am I glad i decided to brush my hair this morning. Small talk ensues, I order my drink, end up paying another RM 3 because she talks me into getting the ‘breakfast set’ (I ended up getting the sausages because those are the most popular item).

She’s studying International Business and is almost surprised to hear I’m studying medicine. I don’t know what to make of that. I choose a seat in the corner, away from ‘prying eyes’ because I’m averse to human contact that way and take out the aforementioned laptop.

I’m not the only one here, of course. Like I said, one of ‘those people’. There’s three of them to my left. Girl, guy, girl. All on their laptops. One with earphones plugged in. One clearly finishing up a presentation.

Here’s the thing about the four of us stationed in this end of the store: we all purposefully brought our tech. We knew we were going to do this. This was a ‘stop’ for me, a rest station before I transit to the rest of my day. I wonder if that’s what they’re doing, too. By the looks of it, they’re also students. They have something to read, to type, to complete. Unlike me, I’m pretty certain what they’re clacking away is ‘school-related’; I’m blogging aimlessly.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against ‘those people’. I have simply never understood why people would leave the comfort of their home to come to a store, drink coffee, and clack away at their keyboards when they could easily be doing this in the privacy of their own rooms. I had the notion that they did it because it looks ‘cool’.

Perhaps I was wrong.

Clearly, there is a function to this behaviour. I would know, I’m ‘among them’ aren’t I? Just goes to show that you can never truly judge a situation or it’s participants unless you ‘immerse yourself’ in the same conditions.

I have another half hour or so to go.



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