words with irrelevant photos

Dear reader,

I know it’s been a long while. I sit on my living room floor as I type this, basically inviting every bit of fur to adhere itself to my clothes. I am home for two weeks because the semester break is FINALLY here. I am almost done with Year 4, reader. That’s crazy right?

It’s such a delight to be back, especially since I have my babies (otherwise known as my four-legged darlings) to hang out with. Again, I that person who is obsessed with her dogs. I cannot put to words how my dogs make me feel. It’s always so good to have them run up to you and cover you in saliva because they miss you so much. Nothing beats that feeling.

So, what has my week been like?

This was my last few days in the General Practice posting and I had my final presentation on Tuesday. I got 49/60 which is INCREDIBLE since I have the ‘toughest’ tutor to please. While other people may easily get 55 and above, getting at 49 from him is basically getting an A+. I kid you not.

This same tutor brought about 12 of us out for dinner on Thursday. And we had wine! He brought three different bottles and educated us about what we should be tasting (he’s a big wine connoisseur). I don’t drink anything with alcohol in general, for personal reasons (DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT JUDGE YOU if you do. I just have a bad personal experience to do with alcohol which is why I avoid it. But if you can drink responsibly and enjoy it, and understand it, go ahead! More power to you) but because I was seated beside him, and when will I ever have the opportunity to be taught for free, I did drink. As a result of that, I know two things:

  1. I do not get flushed unlike a few of the people around the table.
  2. I am not keen on ‘proper wine’. I don’t detest it, but I don’t know if I would actually order it. Who knows?

So, when it comes to trying new things, I have done that this week.


Apart from that, I spent a lot of time binge watching Korean dramas. I know, it’s such a sin, haha. My housemate and I (the boy, not the girl, oddly enough) used to have our dinner in front of the TV and watch Korean dramas that were showing on Singaporean TV. That was last year. I didn’t get to as much because I started going out for dinner more just been busier this year. So, anyway, he started watching this one show and since we had a two-week break, he looked for a place to watch it online. And he did find one. I got the link and started watching the same show and since I had a lot of time to myself after Tuesday (the day of my final presentation), binge watching was a pretty obvious thing to do. Haha

There was also a lot of Spotify abuse this week. I’m lucky enough that my data plan supports Spotify premium (so far) without any additional cost, so I’ve been adding soundtracks from musicals so I can listen to them offline. Seriously, if you saw my Spotify SAVED music, it’s mess. You can get Broadway shows, Spanish and Norwegian songs, songs from over fifty years ago as well as stuff from today. I would be a really complicated radio channel.


I do have a number of things to do this holiday. I have to look up and apply for electives, prep for a group presentation in August (yes, my group is advanced that way), do some other stuff for that research project I’m suppose to be completing soon. Not to mention, all the other errands my mom needs me to run.

But I am making time to do ‘fun’ things. I just ordered four books from MPH Online because I have my book vouchers that I have not used up. Those should arrive somewhere next week so, YAY. I should be getting a haircut at some point, right now it’s a fluffy mess. I don’t have anything too ‘fixed’ per se, but I do have a vague outline for when things are due.

I hope my time back will be used to it’s full potential. It’s always good to be home.

p.s. I did not forget to blog about last weekend. That’s the next post once this goes up. 😉


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