Five Hours

I just survived a five hour drive from JB to Klang Valley and I’m exhausted. Today itself was kinda taxing because it’s Thursday AKA ‘that special tutor’ day. I actually learned that he and I have a few things in common, which was ridiculous. I mean, he’s smart and he’s a good teacher, but I could do without the additional stress that comes with Thursday classes. Oh well. My assignment this week was sent back with a bunch of red text as always. 😫 I have to work on that this weekend.

The drive up wasn’t too bad. It was great being in the backseats with a friend who loves movies and books as much as I do. We spent about two hours plus talking non-stop about our favourites, spent the other time singing along to the radio. The silences that punctuated these interactions were comfortable, and not awkward at all, thank goodness! I am glad for company I can relate to. It’s not always easy to have conversation that falls into place easily, and today it. It just emphasised how much of an ‘all round great guy’ he is.

I am  back home for the four day weekend and I am so pleased. Avengers 2 (Again!) tomorrow with my family and the rest is up in the air, really. I am thankful to be home and to be comfortable once more. I look forward to some rest.


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