An update

This is week 2 in GP posting and so far, all I have acknowledged is the gaps in my knowledge (word play, ftw). While my tutors have been kind so far (meaning they don’t bully you if you don’t know things), it’s pretty embarassing when you don’t. I have a lot of brushing up to do.

My class today with the tutor I have been ‘complaining’ about went alright. We were early, we got a patient to clerk immediately, my friend who was interviewing said patient managed to get the diagnosis right. It was okay, much much better than last week. Out of the four of us in the group, only two of have him as our tutor in charge, so we both agreed to be efficient and send him our first assignment yesterday (two days before the due date) and he was pleased. But no, of course that meant it came back within two hours of submission with a bunch of comments in varying font sizes (larger if he was more annoyed). While he made no ‘official’ request that we rewrite the assignment, he hinted at it today. So, I fixed what I needed to and sent him the revision.

This was his reply and I swear my heart sang 🙌:


He’s the sort of tutor who gives high praise any time you get something right. And when you know how strict and specific he is, praise at any point is such a gift. It does motivate you, to a certain degree.

So, yes, it isn’t too bad anymore. I think we’ve finally been able to achieve a ‘good balance’ in this. Then again, we never quite know where things may go next week. Haha.

I hope you’re all having a good week so far. A few more days till the weekend! 😘


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