this has been a rant

So my group met our tutor for Thursday sessions today and the first thing he told us what that he was already disappointed in the way we handled ourselves. He sent us an email last week to let him know beforehand which topics we’d like to cover. Unfortunately in my group, none of us bothered to send him a reply which clearly would piss ANYONE off.

The worst part is that he’s my tutor in charge for this new posting. He’ll be the one marking my assignments and giving feedback about most matters. He’s also notorious for giving the lowest marks for assignments. This was not even close to what I was hoping this posting would be like.

There is much to be said about team effort but at the same time, I could have just taken charge and fixed everything myself. It would have solved all our issues earlier. And this hiccup would have never occurred.

Yes, yes, I know, I’m taking this all too seriously. It just really sucks. Fingers crossed that on Thursday, he’s willing to put aside this bump. I would really hate for him to hold this against us.

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