A gif to sum up my life right now

I got my phone screen fixed today and reinforced with the ‘tempered glass’ screen protector. I’m pretty clumsy, so the tempered glass is important. I won’t lie, for a moment there, I was pretty tempted to get a new phone. If any of you remember, the pink S4 that I have right now was a gift from my Lola in 2013. I do like it, it’s the first smartphone I’ve ever owned. It’s pink, which makes it standout from the crowd. But being surrounded by people who own Apple’s iPhone 6 all the time, I couldn’t help the twinge of ‘maybe I could get a new one’. My parents did offer and if I said ‘OKAY’ they would have probably gotten me a new phone. The sense of responsibility and being grateful for what I did have stopped me from being stupid. This phone still works really well, there is no real reason to change it. And not everyone can say their grandma got them a smartphone. I’m glad the cost of changing the screen wasn’t as painful as previously anticipated. It looks brand new again and I’m very glad. I thought I’d round up some good links in case anyone wanted to read/ watch/ listen to something that I found pretty interesting/ entertaining this week:

In light of the mishap, from The Financial Diet- 9 SMART THINGS EVERY CLUMSY GIRL SHOULD DO FOR HERSELF

A meme + Love Never Dies mash-up (I can never get over the fact that ALW basically co-created and made his own fanfiction into a show)

Gilmore Girls meets The Fault in Our Stars

Mad Men is coming to an end, but the stylish women will always be timeless. Courtesy of Verily Magazine, Mad Men Wardrobe Inspiration

A studio I aspire to have from The Private Life of A Girl

Marie Forleo inspires again with her reply to a Q on Q&A Tuesday: What to do when you feel useless and alone

The importance of representation in the media, beautifully illustrated in this Tumblr post

Have a good ‘what’s left of your weekend’ and a great week ahead, lovelies! x


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