my week so far

I have set up my agenda for the next nine weeks for my General Practice posting. I am slightly freaking out because the things covered under GP is basically all of Year 3. Do I remember most of last year? Will I crack under pressure? Am I just overthinking everything, as usual? (like I realllllyyyyy needed to ask that)

Aside from the shift of postings, my phone screen has somehow shattered.

Photo on 4-9-15 at 9.00 PM

There isn’t much of a tale to tell. I was at my bedside class with my phone in the pocket of my lab coat. I put my hand in my pocket to get it out, only to end up with small cuts because of the teeny shards of glass+plastic. Not to worry, it’s still “intact” but the number of cracks makes me think of the mirror in Beauty and the Beast. Actually, my screen is far worse. I did vacuum it (yes, I used a vacuum cleaner on my phone) in case there were any tiny pieces left, and so far, it’s been working alright. The only issue right now is due to the shattered patterns, I can’t really read the screen too clearly. Thank goodness for the Web version of Whatsapp! According to my brother and Melanie, the cost of changing a phone screen is cringeworthy. I have no idea how this is going to play out for now.

I have no major plans for the weekend. My parents are coming down for a night which I am fairly grateful for. I’ll be crashing at their hotel room tonight, so, YAY. Perhaps I’ll have good internet. hahahaha. I intend to have a nice quiet weekend, do some grocery shopping and some preparations for the weeks ahead.

My life isn’t too interesting at the moment, which is good because interesting usually means drama. Aside from the phone thing, I’m okay. And okay is good enough.


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