Tale as Old As Time


As promised, my post today is to do with Beauty and the Beast on stage. But first of all, HAPPY EASTER to all! Mine was spent third-wheeling but it wasn’t too bad. There was a lot of walking involved from switching buses to wandering around the Gardens at Marina Bay Sands. I think I may have inadvertently gotten more tan but all in all, I had a good day.

This was the first time I saw a musical without my brother and honestly, I miss the company. It’s different, dissecting a show with a friend, and dissecting it with someone whom you know cares as much as you do about the quality of productions. Not that my housemate does not, it’s just different. Damn the fact that Aaron’s passport was expiring soon.

BatB in general was lovely. I am not ashamed to say that I teared up at the end because it was great. I really liked the ensemble performance for Gaston and Be Our Guest, and the stage work for the scenes in the forest and the wolves was really clever. But my favourite part has to be how they did the reveal for the Beast at the end. There must have been a lot of timing and clever placements of harnesses. And the guy played it really well though I bet all that must have been very uncomfortable.

The only thing I would query is how the Beast acts. I kinda expected it to be more similar to the movie, with him being unsure about things but in this one, he was almost too flamboyant with his reactions. I don’t know if it’s because that’s the way he was written in the script or if this was a liberty that the director took. Once you got over that, it was lovely.

I recommend this musical more than Grease, definitely. (because that wasn’t great, guys, really). I think most people would, it has generally rave reviews. It’s nice to feel like you’re watching that movie all over again, except with real people this time.

I had good day. My feet won’t be pleased tomorrow but I enjoyed my time.


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