No, I’m pretty good, too

I know you’re scared right now, but if there was ever a time to not be pathetic, it’s now.

I think ‘later’ is my time. That’s when my time usually is, ‘later’.

GIRLS, Season 4 finale

I didn’t quite have time to write yesterday but here’s my weekly round-up post for last week.

I managed to come home on Friday night and I’m leaving tonight for JB again. Has my time at home been fruitful? Not really. It’s how it usually is. There was an occupation with buying enough things to bring back as supplies for the next few months. I spent time with my family which is what I’ve been wanting for the past few weeks. Yes, FaceTime is a real thing and a lot of the time, everyone is too busy with work to actually be able to chat for a bit. Most of our conversations occur around mealtime and for as long as I am not physically home, it’s hard to accomplish that. The next time I come back is in about five weeks.

I have an assignment due by the end of next week. I’m not remotely close to being done with it. I am suppose to get more work done with the research paper and somehow figure out another meeting with the tutor in charge this week. I still have to finish packing some of my things before my flight.

I’ve just got this to-do list and I wish I were more motivated to do it. But of course, unlike some things in life, there are pressing events that require your immediate attention.


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