It’s Sunday, so you know what that means

Meet Steve. I have no clue whether or not you’ve met him before. But this is Steve. He occasionally sits on my window sill and gets his own stories on Snapchat (@hicklory, in case anyone is wondering).

Clearly, round-up posts are a thing on my blog now, even if I have posted slightly more regularly this week. You have been forewarned that this particular piece is going to be a jumble of many things, be it pieces of conversations, things I have heard, or things I’ve seen.


“Grace isn’t as gung-ho this year, huh?”
I received that particular message through a conversation with my housemate this evening. It was something a group mate of mine told her yesterday when they were helping out at a kids home. I won’t lie, that stung a bit. But it’s not really a lie is it? I think every single year I’m in medical school, my willingness to put in more effort has reduced. And with my stupid bouts of depression coming in, it’s harder to focus. I did not realise that it ended up translating quite obviously to people I didn’t know too well. If that isn’t a slap to the face, I don’t know what is. I guess it’s high time I fix that.

What I Saw

I watched Cinderella on Friday night and I am completely enamoured with it. I wasn’t keen on Frozen when I watched it (though having ‘live-action’ versions of the characters appear on Once Upon A Time warmed me up to the characters significantly), but Cinderella was excellent. The animation of the creatures to people and back to creatures was delightful. The costumes were breathtaking. Richard Madden was absolutely darling as the Prince and I believed Lily James when she played Ella. I have seen them in other things before this (Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, namely) so I was not sure if I could separate them from who they were previously, but they were those fairy tale characters perfectly. And good on Kenneth Brannagh for making Cinderella’s backstory more fleshed out (Hayley Atwell as Ella’s mother was perfect. I am terribly biased in that aspect). Sure she was a princess in the end, and she wore beautiful clothes after that, but the main message of ‘have courage and be kind’ was not lost. I do hope my little cousin sees the show for more than pretty things.

Upcoming Event

I am watching the proper stage-musical version of Beauty and the Beast in April, so yay(!) for that. I’m going to be third-wheeling all the way to Singapore but I’m going to bring my camera along and do the whole tourist-y thing. No, this will not be the first time I’m going there. Yes, it will be the 4th or 5th time, but what else can you do when you’re the third-wheel. I’m going to consider it a ‘treat yo self’ day because the ticket is expensive and I’m sitting alone. Whatever, I’m a big girl, I can handle this. Aaron was suppose to come down and go with us but his passport is expiring in July and he can’t be bothered to get it renewed. I admit I’m a bit bummed out, but whatever, right?

Something I Realised

I have yet to outgrow 16 year old me, though I have talked about trying to do this before. I am still going to watch Glee’s finale next week and cry. I am still the weird friend who attempts to velcro all her friends to her even if they have clearly moved on with their lives. Maybe high school never ends. Maybe that’s just how life goes.

Okay, word vomit over.


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