Can you believe today’s date? We are already starting the third month of the year. This blows my mind that so much time has passed in 2015.

I am currently suffering from whatever my relatives had over last weekend because I have that horrible combination of fever+flu+sore throat+cough. It has been five days. I am so tired and irritated right now, I just want to take a week off and go home. Being sick away from people who would care about you is the absolute worst.

Due to the usual side effects of having said combo of symptoms, I am lagging behind all school work because I spend most of my time sleeping, or failing at attempts to do work. Having really, really, really bad Internet service is not helping. I have no idea why Johor Bahru has such a bad track record for the Internet! Even Kota Kinabalu has a more reliable service. What is wrong with this state?

I should really stop complaining so much. But I’m sick, so I’m allowed to. Hah. Cross your fingers and pray that I get well soon. I really really really really hate this.


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