Week in Review

Let’s go with how Week 1 went for me. Clearly, I did not blog on Wednesday or Friday (though I do have a few things in the draft, it didn’t feel right to schedule them at the present moment). While I could just ‘let it go’ and not blog, I made promise to myself that I would at least try to find a balance of things, and here is me trying.

I moved back here last Sunday and I wish I could say that I’ve gotten back into the groove of things but that’s not true. It’s never ‘good’. It’s always a challenge. And the worst part is that I got switched to a different subgroup. That sucks when you’re already ‘in tune’ with other people and they’re still together, but you have to adapt to something new. Nonetheless, it’s a challenge I have to deal with for the next year. I hope so survive this.

Psychiatry in Week One is purely introduction and though we had a class quiz yesterday, I’ve kinda impressed myself with how much of this I really enjoy and understand. I have always liked understanding ‘the mind’ and learning the theory is great.. but I’m pretty apprehensive about actually interviewing a real ‘psychiatric patient’ on Monday. I already need to interview one properly and present a case in class on Tuesday. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and we’re barely ‘in it’ yet.

I hope I can cope with everything and not screw this up too much. Wish me luck, guys.

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