Thoughts in the car

I am in the car on the way back to JB as I type this. Yes, I am that person who uses a laptop in the midst of traveling. I am not driving, so it’s not like this is wholly inappropriate.

I start class in less than 48 hours from now. That thought is pretty terrifying. While the first day is purely ‘introductions’, it’s proper classes from Tuesday onwards. We are suppose to hit the ground running with tests already prescheduled. My first rotation this year is psychiatry. I kinda want to do well in that, especially with my strong family history of psychiatric problems (ha ha). Though I am still in ‘holiday mood’ as people would call it, I genuinely want to start classes properly and do better in 2015.

I have made a bunch of mistakes in 2014 in terms of my education, which is why starting from Monday, it’s going to be the actual trial of how much blogging I can keep up. I do want to take out time for me to write down my thoughts, but we’ll have to see.

Fingers crossed that things go better in Year 4. I do not want to be a lousy doctor; people deserve to get the best possible treatment, therefore making it necessary for me to obtain as much knowledge as possible. Like I said on Wednesday, actions speak so much louder than words, so tomorrow is going to be my ‘schedule-everything and plan’ day.

I am almost a doctor. This is scary as frick.


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