My Week In Objects

1. Key Lime Pie
1Recipe was a combination of these two: 1, 22And a slice of said pie.

2. Ice kacang at Souled Out with the family 3Note that no one bothered to wait for me take photos of it before digging in.

3. Pudgy baby in front of the telly while I watch tennis4 copyI am far too screamy during tennis. Naturally, I’m all for Djokovic. Fingers crossed he wins the Australian Open Cup.

4. The caterpillar in my garden.5 I named him Mr. Spiny. I am super creative.

5. A tiny cup of coffee because I needed to see if it would help perk me up.6It helped a bit. I could still fall into bed right now though.

I have been having a really crappy time with sleep lately. Nightmares have not helped, especially when I freak out so much that I can’t sleep on the next nights, not easily anyway.

In other news, my limited medical school training has gotten me a short stint as the person in charge of spirometry tests for the medical check-ups my dad has been doing. It is not easy to tell people how to coordinate their breathing. Another stint on Tuesday aka ‘wake up at 5am’ again. I guess it’s prepping me for my return to classes.

It is February, lovelies. Let us hope that it shall be a good one. x


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