For other blog writers (potential or current)


I was on Skype with Rae yesterday going over the ‘Wreck This Journal’ book and the postcards, and she brought up blogging, saying how she likes to read blogs, but can’t find the motivation to blog regularly herself.

I think that’s the most common problem bloggers face: not having the motivation or the inspiration to write stuff. When I was doing the ‘almost every single day’ blogging last year when I revamped Mind Palace, it was tough trying to figure out what to say on a daily basis. It’s not easy, I can tell you that.

What I found helps is scheduling ahead. I think a lot of people who write blogs with ‘features’ or ‘regular content’ (for me, that’s Five Friday and My Week in Things) so to speak, have some things written ahead. It’s easier when the days come when you haven’t got the strength to regurgitate something. Other days, like today, I write ‘organically’: the only thing different is that I schedule the posts to be published at 7.30-8pm my time. Since I have committed myself to writing this blog properly as area for me to expand my mind, I have actually sat down and ‘thought of topics’ to prepare. It’s a real thing, as silly as it may sound. I have a few drafts right now, works in progress, while others are already scheduled.

Another thing I found helpful was to look up prompts. WordPress has Daily Prompts, which is useful when you need some inspiration. I think I have only ever done one prompt from it a while back, but it’s good if you need something more ‘free flowing’. I do go back from time to time, look up things that may trigger an idea in me. Other places for writing ideas:

Bloglovin’, the best thing ever if you follow a lot of blogs (like me) is super useful for looking up inspiration. While it does not provide prompts, per se, you can see what other writers do for their blogs; see what topics they cover, maybe how their post layouts look. It’s good for looking up ideas, and letting your favourites inspire you. I follow a lot of blogs from beauty to lifestyle, exercise to design, cooking blogs are there, too. If you find a recipe from somewhere that you try out, you can use that as an idea for a post!

What’s useful to think of when it comes to writing for your blog is to keep in mind that it’s not suppose to be stressful. Unless you’re a blogger with a huge following, and maybe even then, you should be able to write about what you like, what you want your blog to come across as.

I don’t have that many followers compared to the likes of my favourite blogs but I am grateful for those of you who do read this on a regular basis, who care enough when I pop up in your emails. I think if you like to write, if you’ve ever had a blog before, you should take it up again. Write about anything you want, there are no rules.

But most importantly, write if you want to. There’s no point in keeping up with something you don’t actually enjoy.


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