“I’m gonna wreck it!”


Yes, that quote is from Wreck-It Ralph, but it’s highly apt, I think.

I bought these two from MPH Online last Friday and it arrived today. Rae and I have decided that our purchases (she got the Pocket Scavenger also by Keri Smith) will help us step out from what we normally do. It’s pretty exciting to try new things, and as I complained yesterday, I need a bit more ‘umph’ in my life. This book and these postcards should help me with that.

The first activity was easy, cracking the spine of the book. I don’t crack the spine of any of my books, not on purpose anyway. But that’s the point of Wreck This Journal right? Hopefully, I’ll be able to limit myself to doing a single activity a day, alternating between the postcards and the journal. And yes, documentation of certain activities will be done.

I highly recommend that you get this yourself, because it’s pretty interesting stuff. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. x


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