In slightly over 500 words


Today is a Monday. It is approximately 3.48pm as I write this. I am half way through this recipe, Greek Lamb with Orzo, for tonight’s dinner. I can smell the spices and tomatoes blending beautifully in the broth over the fire. I have my dogs with me: Max on the piano chair, Tiny on my right and Lulu on my left, all dozing off to dreamland. I have Coffitivity open in another tab, some background noise so I can concentrate better. There is only a fan on, no air-conditioning as I clack away on the sofa in the living room.

I made this ( Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake) for breakfast, which is ridiculous because it is far from a meal. And to think I took it with medication just makes the whole thing absurd.

It may be evening but my day is not quite over. I have to let the orzo cook later, I have to finish the laundry, clean up after myself in the kitchen, and perhaps, finally rearrange my room.

I have been thinking of things lately, among them how much time I truly waste. My morning routine involves me lazing in bed for a good hour before I take the clothes out of the wash. After that, I may even skip breakfast or whip up lunch. If I’m very lazy, I get takeout, a sin I am very partial to. I spend a lot of my time surfing the internet, reading blogs and refreshing pages to websites, watching YouTube videos. I do a lot of ‘filler’ activities. I would make a terrible television show.  No actual progress in the plot, just episodes that usually bore viewers.

And speaking of, I watch a lot of it. But that’s not always the problem: I spend a lot of time after and before telly-viewing (or rather, streaming on my laptop) doing the other activities until I find that it is high time I moved on to the rest of my chores.

To say that I have wasted my day is an understatement, a lot of the time. I try to make it up by trying new recipes, especially since I would not be able to once I return to classes. I try my hand in creating something different, including this (BBQ Chicken Wrap) and this ( Vegan Poblano and Portobello Fajitas). I made these (Old School Fudge Brownies with Walnuts) that were a hit and this (Red Velvet Cupcakes) that wasn’t quite (it wasn’t light enough compared to the ones I’ve made before, probably due to the wrong vinegar).

Sometimes I think it’s to do with me placing a lot of restrictions on myself. I wish I were more spontaneous and willing to ‘put myself out there’. Or at least figure out something I would like to learn and do it in the next 3 weeks that I have at home. Or maybe make time for a little DIY-ish project, creating something.

Maybe I should simply return to daily blogging until I find that I cannot keep up with it any longer come February.

What I think I should do after this, after the laundry and the cooking and cleaning, is to sit with my planner and finally set my mind to fill out my time. I haven’t got much free hours left before I leave, so I need to finally ‘do’ something.

May we all have productive weeks ahead. And who knows? you may hear from me soon enough. x


2 thoughts on “In slightly over 500 words

    1. True! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten it yet. Maybe I’ll actually learn how to play the guitar this time round, since it’s just sitting in my room. 🙂


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