Five Things You Should Never Be Apologetic For


I’ve been thinking a lot about the way we say sorry and why we do it. I apologise a fair amount but sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons: I say ‘Sorry’ in situations where I don’t actually think I need to- sometimes I do it because I think it’s the easiest way to resolve something.

So, for today’s Five Friday, I’m listing Five Things You Should Never Be Apologetic For, because frankly, you should not have to be.

1. Taking time off.

I don’t mean skipping class or playing hooky from work, I mean taking time off to stop and breathe. Our daily life can get super hectic, you can often feel overwhelmed. It’s only appropriate to hit PAUSE, unhook yourself from any form of communication and just talk to YOU. Never apologise for needing time away from everything, it’s only normal. I would rather not hear from someone for a while to let them get in touch with themselves, than to have them burn out completely.

2. Your taste in culture

I used to feel bad because I liked sci-fi stuff that other people thought was weird. Heck when I read Animorphs and brought the books to school, people looked at me funny. I used to question other people’s taste when they liked a certain form of comedy or TV shows, but you know what? Who cares what I think or frankly what other people think of my taste. I may choose to spend a day at a museum or at comic convention, I won’t apologise for coming off super prissy or like a ‘dork’ (which isn’t even a real insult, come on).

3. …or how much of it you absorb.

It’s something a lot of people do, putting down others for not being ‘as into’ something as they are. ‘You’re not a real gamer if you only know ____’ or ‘You’re not a real fan since you’ve only started watching it “at this point in time” ‘. Or my favourite ‘You’re not a true fan if you don’t speak (insert name of language spoken in this particular series of movies or TV shows)’. Never let anyone judge your taste or how involved you choose to be in something you enjoy. Who cares if they can spend 10 hours a day playing something versus your 5 hours a week? The only way you’re a real fan is if you look like any versions of these:


4. For being good at something.

I don’t know if it’s just a me-thing or if anyone else has this problem but I feel like I should feel bad if I do well. I was surrounded by crying friends when I was the only one in my tiny school to get straight A’s for the public exam Malaysian students take in Standard 6, and I felt guilty for being the only one who managed to do it. I know people who feel bad because they earn more than their significant other, or are excelling in comparison to their peers. STOP. Why should you feel like crap when you’re doing something right? That makes absolutely no sense! There is a difference between being modest, and feeling like you owe people for being good. Never apologise for success.

5. For taking the alternative path

Never feel bad for not living up to someone’s standards of what the ‘right way to do things’ is. I say this because a friend of mine recently mentioned that she was feeling inadequate watching her peers graduate and felt like she was never going to make it. What I told her is what I’m writing here: never feel sorry for having to walk the other paths in life. Nothing is straightforward. Just because you diverge from the ‘standard’ template of ‘what you do after high school’ does not make you any less a person, or any less than anyone else your age. We all take different roads to where we’re intended to go, it’s not wrong, it’s just different.

So, what are things you feel you should never feel sorry about? Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter. 🙂


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