As you may know, part of my goals this year is to write 52 Nice Notes to people, one per week of the year. Because I have the time, I thought I’d physically set pen to paper (or postcards or cards) for a few. I actually sent out a few messages to people whose addresses I don’t currently possess for this particular endeavour, and I’m really glad that I got replies from each of them. Sure, it was under the ‘false pretense’ of sending real birthday cards (which I will still do! I am likely to miss important dates unless I write them down in my planner this year because of my ‘not spending too much time on social media’ goal) but I’m sending them notes, too.

What I have found from writing nice notes is that there’s a difference in the way I write, it’s more contemplative. That’s a good thing, right? I wrote a note to one of my favourite Tumblr bloggers and it was so easy to think of how much she’s inspired me. Then there are notes to good friends who know me well enough that it was comfortable for me to just babble.

I love handwritten notes but there may come a point this year that I will not be able to handwrite some of the 52 Notes. Nonetheless, I am enjoying actually picking up a pen and sticking stamps of stuff again.



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