Ben’s and My Week in Objects

I’m taking a leaf out of a blog I follow, reading my tea leaves and dubbing this post ‘My Week in Objects’ because it’s kinda apt.


First time at Ben’s. 2

The box at the table had a bunch of cards including this one which I thought was pretty clever.3 4

and there were talking points too. It’s pretty smart.5

What I ordered: Mexicana Tortilla. 6

Say hello to Amelia, the succulent I bought yesterday at Publika. Yes, I named the plant. I have not transferred her out of her original pot to the one I got from IKEA (the rose pattern one she’s currently sitting in)7


SPF 80 and a spray-on. How effective is it? We’ll see in the coming weeks. I like the smell of sunscreen/sunblock. Is that weird?8Curtains for my place in JB. I am going to liven that space up so I can actually feel better while having to slog. The colour scheme is similar to the bedspread I bought myself last month.



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