Five Things

Welcome to the first Five Friday of the year. As promised, this series is going to continue in 2015 and I thought it’d start it off with 5 Things I Need To Start Doing.

1. Going offline.
I’m sure a lot of you saw the book haul I got at the Big Bad Wolf Sale of 2014. Guess how many I have read? One completely, and I started reading 3 others. It has been almost a month since I went to the sale, which means I have only properly read a single book since then. I blame a lot of it on my need to always stay connected all the time. I need to start ‘logging off’ and actually crack open a book.

2. Actually taking a shower in the morning
TMI, I Know. But! it’s not as disgusting as it sounds, really. I think a lot of us, when we’re on holiday and have no purpose for the day, laze about and only take a shower in the afternoon or when you actually begin to feel disgusted with yourself. For me that’s been happening a lot, the showering at 1pm onwards instead of when I’m right out of bed.

3. Flexing my creative muscles
Once upon a time, I made ‘worthy’ stuff on Tumblr and actually had people (okay, only Jade at first but more people after that!) interested in buying an actual creation. Once upon a time, I was fired up about it. While I admit that medical school has eaten up a lot of my time last year, I think it would be good to set time aside for me to actually create something again. I’m adding that to my 2015 goals.

4. Buying my lunch
Having my brother around has made me way too lazy to cook lunch which results in us either getting take-out or going out. Aaron’s starting work on Monday which also means it’s high time I stop (partly because achieving minimum order when you’re ordering for one is difficult. okay, fine, it’s impossible) and actually cook something. If I can do that on most weekdays, it’s a plus.



5. Stop sending people Snapchats of my dogs
I think every person who gets them wants to throttle me by now. I’m one of those people, the ‘psycho I LOVE MY DOGS SO MUCH THEY’RE THE BEST THINGS EVER CREATED’ type. Rest assured snaps of my four-legged family members shall now be reserved for Instagram (ha. ha. ha)

Blog layout has been updated and streamlined. I hope this makes things easy on the eye.


2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Loving the new look on your blog!! So clean and so very chic (Y) The header is your own creation, right? IT IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I don’t have enough creative muscles in my writing limb to churn out more fabulous fancy-sounding words, but, it is, absolutely, lovely ❤ Will support and purchase a creation from you when it is out. I've seen your works on Tumblr, and I would be proud to print out something and put it on my wall and say, "Hey, it's beautiful right? My best friend did this :3 " I've put off and procrastinated about blogging for the longest time ever, despite setting up an actual web URL 60 days ago according to my Dashboard, bc I was always looking for the perfect design, or waiting for my brain to come up with something visually creative like how you are able to, which of course, did not happen. Fast forward to 11pm 1/1/15 and I was still doing that, but you know what? I was like, fk it, it's already fkin 2015, and I'm still stopping myself from doing stuff bc of all the 'What if? What if?"s in my brain. Overthinking about doing stuff but not actually doing stuff. So I thought, screw this, screw the design, I'll worry about it later, I'll write first. There! If anyone or any blogger was my biggest source of inspiration to start writing again, it would be you 🙂 Thank you for all the spam throughout the last 31 days of 2014 XD

    Also, I should probably apologise: I've been reading all your blog posts but not commenting much. Now that I have a blog of my own, I shall change that, it's also one of my tiny 2015 goals XD

    I'm sorry this comment got too long ._.


    1. Yup, I made my own header, haha. If you need any bit of help designing anything, something I could possibly help with, just let me know, I’ll contribute what I can. 🙂 And it’s okay that you read and not comment, because you do tell me what you think via email or when we do meet. I appreciate it. 🙂

      And I really appreciate that I inspire you to blog in any form, haha. That’s a huge deal. Thank you! 🙂 x


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