2015 plans


2015 is literally a few hours away for me at the moment. It’s shocking how fast a day goes by really. As I said yesterday, I’m going to list down a few 2015-related things today, things I hope to accomplish in the New Year.

I say this every single year but I really want to take my studies a lot more seriously in Year 4. It’s basically the last year of paper exams and I need to do well. I cannot slack or rush things towards the end; I may have improved this year by actually studying much earlier but I need to whip my brain into shape from Week 1 itself. I cannot afford to not know things because I’m graduating in 2 years. TWO YEARS. I will be in charge of people’s well-being in TWO YEARS. I need to know my work thoroughly.

Which brings me to the issue of blogging in 2015. I love writing here and I love hearing from you about what you think about the topics I babble about. I love blogging, really but I shall probably step back from writing daily posts in 2015. The likelihood that I could do that is really slim because my main focus should be elsewhere. I will be doing my Five Fridays though that may in turn become ‘Five Things About This Week’ instead of five random things about a certain topic. My goal for posting next year is at least 3 posts a week, including Five Friday. I hope to be able to write on Sundays and Wednesdays because those are probably going to be my ‘free-er’ days but if that should change when my schedule comes out, I’ll change things up.

Unlike the gigantic bite that 365 days of something seems to be (I unfortunately wasn’t able to keep up with 365 days of Good Things or the 365 Photos, it ended up being sporadic), I am going to do 52 Nice Notes next year. I don’t know if that’s a real concept but every week in 2015, I shall write a nice note to someone, some of them will likely be repeats, others may be one-offs. If I can’t email or mail it to the person, I’ll write it here, and beam it out to the universe.

I’m also going to do 52 Sundays of Photos, which means that my Sunday posts will definitely include a photograph (hopefully all my posts would include a graphic of some sort, it’s something I try to work on) or photographs of things I’ve either seen or done or gotten in the week. I think 52 is a far more manageable and realistic number than 365. I applaud people who have the time and make the time to do 365 days of something. I don’t think I could because there are days when life gets very much in the way.

Another 52 related thing I shall be doing is the One Year Saving Schedule that I mentioned here before. It’s when you save the amount of money according to the week, so for example, in Week 1, you save 1 dollar or RM 1, depending on your currency, Week 2: RM2, Week 3: RM 3.. until Week 52: RM52. In total, I’d probably save RM1378, which would be great. I am definitely working on my budget for next year because it’s one of my goals to become more financially conscious.

Something else I’m going to work on is learning to be kinder to myself. I read this post from one of the bloggers I’ve enjoyed reading this year, EllaDotCeron, and she worded it so beautifully. I spend a lot of time beating myself up over calories and what I eat and what I don’t eat. I need to be able to learn to not care as much when I drink a chai latte which I know is probably too many calories, and to allow myself to have it without all the guilt I associate with it. I need to learn to treat myself better by having a better schedule for sleeping, having better habits when I look in the mirror (ie: not picking at things but being glad for the parts of myself that I do like).

On the more selfish-frivolous front, I’m going to revamp my wardrobe and do as so many have done before and aim for a minimalistic wardrobe. I went through the things I wear and realised that I don’t have much clothes. I don’t wear some of my clothes and repeat wearing a handful of things, so I did the smart thing and donated the clothes I won’t wear and looked into what I could wear that would be ‘timeless’. I have purchased a few basic tops that can be worn with other things and are clothes I can build on. Yes, this is a little frivolous but part of growing up but it’s something I strive to do for myself. If you’re interested in the whole concept, here are a few good reads for you.

Apart from that, it’s the usual “exercise more, eat better” shindig which everyone says, so I shall not go into that. I hope that I can keep to everything I’ve written here. 2015 will be a good year, as I say every New Year’s Eve. I am thankful for everyone that has been a part of my 2014, thank you for reading. I wish all of you a Happy New Year and a fantastic one at that. Lots of love from me, x.


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