A Fact About Me


I really like lists.

The extent to which I like lists is hard to describe. If an article is title using this formula ” Numeral + Adjective Describing Next Word+ Topic I’m Interested In”, I am very likely to read it. I like lists. I like reading lists, I like making lists (hello, Five Friday), I like to see lists.

List of best places to eat, list of best movies, list of things people do when they’re in a certain mood, playlists.

The list (ha. ha. ha.) goes on and on.

I think the reason I like lists is because there’s an aim to it. You know what you’re getting into with lists. “5 Things Every Apartment Should Have”, “12 New Ways to Style a Ponytail”. I eat all that up. I like that lists have purpose. Unlike a lot of my blog posts, Five Friday posts state what they’re there for right out of the gate: Five Things related to the topic I have chosen for the day. There isn’t more to it, there isn’t less. You don’t have to worry when it comes to lists, because lists always relate to something tangible, very rarely something too abstract.

I know, this makes little sense to most people but I enjoy lists. This is probably a good reason why I like this list of Five Lists You Should Be Keeping by Maxie McCoy.

So tell me dear reader, is this irrational? Does anyone share this? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter.


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