Confession Time


My name is Grace and I am an addict.

My version of crack is to spend money. This whole ‘being in charge of your finances’ is totally screwing me over. I am addicted to buying things, online and offline, and it’s horrible.

I sat down the other day and somehow mulled over how much I have spent in the last year and the figure is quite bad. No, really. I think I have spent about RM200 (at least) a month (this is if I average everything), excluding rent and utilities. That’s a lot. I don’t normally spend that much. Heck, I have never spent that much.

Not everything I get is on a whim, if that should comfort you, dear reader. Sure, some of it is expensive and stuff that I could survive without, but some are things I actually use quite regularly. Take for example, my satchel which I adore. I use it almost every single time I go out (except to the hospital because stealing is a real problem) so it’s gotten good use. And I am definitely using that for the rest of my life until it breaks down because it’s a lifelong-type bag. I do not regret that purchase, even if that’s the largest purchase I have made this whole year.

Then again, there are things that I cringe to think about like a Covet nail polish that’s a great colour but comes on really streaky (I still have it, I haven’t quite gotten to trying to fix it) or the Paul Smith perfume which is way too rose-smelling for me (eventually it went to Aaron but he’s kept it in his room without using it, so yes, it was a stupid purchase). Those are things I do regret coughing up money for.

Overall, I have spent most of the money on things that I have found worthwhile, so that’s a plus. Yet there are still things I could definitely cut back on, or limit like going out for lunch/dinner, buying certain types of beverages.

I genuinely cringe at how much I spend.

I have no concept of a budget, I comfort myself with ‘it’s gonna last. It’s of quality.’ While that is true, I need to start organising the money I’m spending and come up with a strict amount that I should limit myself to. I am officially placing myself on a spending freeze until I figure out how and when I am allowed to part from my savings.

In true Grace fashion, I have looked to my favourite blogs to see what they have to say about money matters and here are a few links to things you may like to read if you have the same problem I do:

 How to Set a Budget from College Prepster

One Year Saving Schedule ( this one is definitely something doable) from College Prepster

5 Things I wish someone had told me about money by Maxie McCoy

How To Get Financially Fit in Your 20s by Theresa Healey

5 Money Habits You Should Dump Faster Than A Loser Boyfriend by Ryan Eggenberger

If you have any advice or any similar-type stories to share, comment below or get in touch with me on Twitter. Wish me luck! x




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