Five Christmas Gifts


No, I did not get five Christmas gifts this year. There may have been a time that I may have gotten five different gifts, especially during the large family gatherings. I decided for this Five Friday, I’ll talk about the five gifts that I can remember receiving for Christmas.

1. Doctor-play set when I was 3

yes, I remember being three years old and getting this. It was one of the cheap toys you get for kids, the sets you can buy at any cash and carry, not made to be used for a long period of time. I remember this one quite vividly because I could pretend I was like my dad. Nonetheless, I remember being annoyed that the stethoscope didn’t work.

2. The Barbie doll I picked out myself

My parents did this thing one year where we actually went to choose our gifts for Christmas. We never did the Santa Claus thing because Malaysian houses didn’t have chimneys. My brother and I went to a store, had a price limit and got to choose what we wanted. We knew what was under the tree come Christmas but we were still so excited. I remember this year as being one where money was quite tight. My parents were still pretty adamant on getting us something nice.

3. The Inuyasha disc sets

This was the Christmas we moved back to Subang Jaya. Aaron and I loved the anime back in Johor, we would stay up till 11.30pm to watch it (I was 12 at this time). For my brother’s (And technically mine) Christmas presents, I helped my parents pick out the CD sets. It was a good choice. I remember watching a whole bunch of episodes on the same night.

4. The mp3 player

This one is a completely original purchase by my parents. I didn’t expect it and it was all the craze back then, a USB-mp3 player. I actually had one with 1GB space. Now, that’s almost laughable but that mp3 player lasted me 4 years before it stopped working.

5. Mother Teresa’s biography-writings ‘Come Be My Light’ 

This is was given to me from nuns all the way from Alabama, a book I treasure because I went through a really bad time a while back. This gift was unexpected and amazing.

Do you have any Christmas gifts that stand out in your mind? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter. 🙂


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