5/Five Friday: Questionnaire Time


I’m doing something out of the usual for Five Friday: I’m going to answer Five Facts about Five Topics. I thought it’d be fun to change things up a bit, haha.


1. It took me a while to understand how counseling works. It took me years before I could actually walk myself to a counselor’s door and ask for help because I used to buy into the social stigma of mental health issues.

2. Bulimia is something I deal with, not every day but at least every other day. Acknowledging the problem was easy but fighting to stop myself is the hard part.

3. I like to believe that I can remember a lot of things, but unfortunately most of them are either random trivia or details about people, and not what’s important to my studies.

4. My parents don’t talk about their problems which is probably why I grew up with the mindset that your issues should be dealt with by yourself. Thankfully, we all learned better than to do that anymore. Having seen the results of being bottled up through the example of my brother and I has really pushed that way out thinking out.

5. Part of why I used to keep a journal and am currently writing a blog is because I needed a way to clear my mind. Writing has always been a good way to do that.



1. It’s funny a lot of the places in different states tend to look the same. I can be going through Senai (a town in Johor) and feel like I’m in some part of Kajang (an area in Selangor) which also looks like parts of Klang.

2. The food. OH the food. I know the world is basically a melting pot of everyone cultures and tastes but I swear, the flavours of ‘local’ cuisine are turned up to 11/10.

3. Malaysians are excellent at being late. Really. We call it ‘Malaysian timing’ and it’s a real thing. That may be a sweeping generalisation but it’s pretty accurate.

4. It’s probably rarer in other countries or in Peninsular Malaysia, but in Sabah (where my mom is from, where my parents met, where my brother and I were born), it was more likely to have multiple ethnicities and multiple religions in one’s family.

5. We are the home of the tallest twin towers, world’s tallest pencil, world’s largest flower and probably a list of other world records that are pretty ridiculous. I think we had ‘most people eating ____’ at one point.



1. I started Primary 1 at the age of 5, a year younger than everyone else.

2. I moved from a private school to a public school at 9 years of age, so I had to repeat Primary 3.

3. I would start a club every single year up to standard 4. One of those “Girls Only, NO BOYS ALLOWED” type of things between me and my best friends at the time. It had to be every year because I would disband it regularly.

4. I do not have ‘friends’ from primary school anymore, Facebook acquaintances yes, but not friends.

5. I went to 3 different primary schools because we moved four times.



1. I only went to one, which is a record for me.

2. I joined a cult GIRLS ONLY club in Form 1 and we’ve been best friends ever since: longest friendships I have ever had, ten years and counting.

3. I was the Managing Director of a Young Enterprise/Entrepreneurs society in Form 4 and it was horrific. I look back on that time now and would have made a LOT of changes. A serious bucket load of changes. It’s ridiculous how naive I was at 16, I was not cut out for running a business. I could have done it so much better now.

4. I spent a lot of time on stage during these five years: performing, presenting, emcee-ing. I think almost everyone knew who I was but I was not ‘popular’ per se.

5. I still regret not taking English Literature as an SPM subject sometimes but then again, I took 12 subjects, which was insane too.



1. I consider my dogs family. I currently have 2 chihuahuas (Maximus Claudius Aurelius and Tiny) and one pug (Lulu), but previously we had a German Shepherd (Caesar) and 2 chihuahuas (Julius and Lucy).

2. I’m definitely closer to my mom’s side of the family because they’re the only ones we ever see. My dad’s family is pretty … estranged.

3. I only have one living grandparent: my Lola on my mom’s side. She smokes like a chimney, she has a mini briefcase of medication yet insists on doing the laundry when she stays with us.

4. My mom and her siblings hate chocolate. It’s so sad but true.

5. Everyone knows everyone’s business. My dad says my Lola is the head of the ‘mafia’ and that my mom’s in-training. I can’t say that I disagree with the analogy. It’s a close knit community with everyone almost having the same nickname. Kinda sounds like a mafia, no? I don’t think they’ve killed anyone. I think.


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