I have not been blogging in a while again. Life, being sick, being sick of life. It’s been a pretty blah last week and I can’t help but blame my lack of preoccupation. You would think that I could be preoccupied because of the number of books I have to read and the things I want to cook but those aren’t truly pressing are they? I work under pressure, which is a terrible trait.

Which is why I am sitting in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at 9am in the morning, with my laptop, looking like the very person I used to roll my eyes at; I am going to list out what my duties and objectives are for this week here, and in my planner (that hasn’t planned a single thing since I finished the semester). Perhaps by making a proper list and publishing it for the world to see, I’ll be able to get a better handle on all things:

Monday (today)

Pay the bills

Get the license for the dogs

Put up the Christmas lights

Set aside books and clothes to be recycled

Make risotto for dinner- figure out what sides



Put up tree ornaments- Tree completed

Bake cake (KIV)



Start Christmas cookies baking

Send Georgia’s Christmas exchange package



The Hobbit (!)





Collect Mamma Mia tickets in the morning

Mamma Mia- 8pm @KLCC




Now that I write all of that down, it looks like nothing much is going on, which is completely true. I don’t have much going on but as usual, that means all the little things are going on: laundry, chores, watching the dogs, reading. I like to think that I’m freaking free but that’s not really true.Domesticity may seem like it’s simple but believe me a heck of a lot of things go into being ‘domestic’.

Anyway, I am making this particular recipe for risotto for dinner tonight. Any ideas on what’s a good side for risotto? I have no idea.



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