insert frown here


Putting up the lights was a disaster that has led me to revert to being completely antisocial right now. Out of the 4 twinkle-lights-network, only 3 lit up when I placed them on the tree. So I took down one. Then after the second try (which believe me, if you’ve done this by yourself it’s highly annoying) only two were working. I completely lost it at that point. It was just a bad few hours. My brother didn’t help me with the decorating even though he’s pretty much free, causing me to be even more annoyed.

Prior to this, we were at Subang Parade where we had to wait for over half an hour for a receipt because the machine wasn’t working. And all we got was an apology. Gah. Best part is that we were half way out, when we got called back because they needed to rescan the item I bought because we used a voucher and they forgot to include that in the exchange. I was miffed at that point. Seriously.

I went to make dinner only to find that I didn’t have enough chicken stock and parmesan cheese. Believe me, I was basically radiating anger. I know, I know, I got ridiculously pissed over tiny things but I have been cranky these past few days and the whole thing today did not help me at all.

The only decorating I did today was set up the nativity, place the wreath on the door and set up the garland-wreath (Pictures tomorrow, promise). That is plenty tiring when you’re doing it yourself. I’m going to do simple cookie baking tomorrow instead of the cake. I don’t think I can be around company for the next 24 hours or so, so I apologise if I don’t reply to messages. I need a real time out because I’ll probably snap at you.


3 thoughts on “insert frown here

  1. It’s okay we can always bake together on another day if you still want to do that. Get all the time out you need! Oh and I imagine some grilled chicken or pan fried chicken slices would go really well with mushroom risotto. 🙂 /hugs

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    1. thanks sweetie. We can do CAKE DAY on Thursday. I’m better right now but I have to go to the workshop cause the i10 is leaking black oil =.= and I have to buy Christmas lights. sigh.


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