Together and Apart


I swear I have never had best friends like these 3. We have been through hell and back, we’ve done crazy things for each other, snapped at each other, not spoken to each other for a LONG period of time, but we fall back together as always.

We went through 13? 15? books of when we were CoF (and we still are, in some ways) and gosh, it was hilarious and embarassing. There is nothing like going through 4/5 years of ‘teen angst’ in one sitting. I don’t recognise some of what I wrote but a lot of things came flooding back with every page.

Spending time with them reminded of how much we’ve grown since then and how much things remain the same. I have known these girls for approximately 10 years this year. I am blessed to have them in my life and I look forward to another 10 (and more than that!) to come; together and apart.


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