inherent nature


If you read a post I wrote about mermaids a while back, you probably know that I am terrified of the ocean/large bodies of water. I read this weird article a few days ago about seals killing porpoises and I sent it to my subgroup’s Whatsapp chat. After much teasing, one of them said that ‘well, you do know that the deadliest mammals are still humans?’ I replied with ‘Well, most humans have higher thinking, a conscience, a moral compass,’ to which I got this

“I wouldn’t say most.’

That struck me as sad. Are we at that point in time, in history, where we see our own kind as the worst creation ever? Are we at that point that we don’t like each other anymore, that we can say that most of us don’t have a conscience?

It’s a depressing thought, right? I like to think that most of us, MOST not all unfortunately, are still good. We may make mistakes, we may hurt each other with or without intention, but we are in general good. We help each other, we love each other, we don’t want to see others in pain.

I like to think we’re better than what my friend thinks. I don’t think we’re that far gone.


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