evil genius? that’s a compliment right?

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.55.58 PM
That pin my brother got me today reminds me of the Lydia Martin button-pin I got myself last year. I don’t think I am that evil. I could be, but I’m not. haha.

Today was an alrightish day. We were suppose to go to JB for a day trip but due to flooding we decided to rethink it. Instead, my mom and I went to see my Lola who’s staying with my uncle at the moment. I finally got to sit in my uncle’s VW Beetle (you can probably guess that I ADORE that car). I’ll be honest: the backseats are not the comfiest, it’s like an economy class flight seat but the front is really nice. I am totally buying that car one day.

This will probably get tiresome but I love my short hair. You always read about how some lady chopped off her hair and then feels awesome (post initial shock of course. Side note: Verily Mag has a good article on that right HERE). I’m crazy but I’ve started to really like it. It’s fun having ‘baby’ hair, fresher ends, a whole different face in the mirror! It’s liberating, it really is. Okay, I’ll stop talking about my hair now.

This week the only thing of importance that I have coming up is my meet-up with the ‘cult’ on Tuesday. The last time the four of us sat at a table together was last year, if I’m not wrong. It will be nice to see the girls all together again. And we’ll be going through old CoF books, so that’s going to be a whole lotta pain and laughter.

I hope you have/had a good Sunday and great week ahead, lovelies. xx


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