Big Hero 6 review

SO, I watched this movie yesterday and I absolutely adore it. No idea what I’m talking about? Boom, trailer:

I liked so much more than Frozen. I had so many issues with Frozen as a movie due to continuity-logic issues but let’s not get into that. First of all, Big Hero 6 is set in San Fransokyo (come on, how awesome is that in itself?) around a Japanese (I assume he’s mixed because his aunt is obviously not Japanese) boy genius who loves building robots and kinda getting into trouble. I won’t get into the details of what happens but due to certain events, he goes out and looks for this villain with his friends. (I am ruining it. I know, it sounds pathetic but I can’t say more without spoiling the whole movie).

The reasons why I enjoyed watching this are not spoilery, at least not too spoilery and are as follows:

1. Japanese LEAD character. I know I’m never touch on the importance of representation in the media (and I cannot explain how annoying it is that shows use a Chinese or Korean character and call them ‘Asian’ because ASIA is freaking diverse, please), but as a biracial Malaysian girl, it was really nice to see a different protagonist than the usual. I’m not condemning the other movies with more ‘common’ leading ladies or men, but I really liked the fact that Hiro was Japanese (or at least, part Japanese). It’s refreshing.

2. Science and WOMEN IN SCIENCE. I like science. I grew up studying it, I am in a what is still considered a scientific field. Disney has come up with a bunch of science related movies and I can never get enough of it. (I acknowledge that this movie is part Marvel, but still) They may not always be logical, but it’s still SCIENCE. This movie has 2 female characters that are part of the superhero team that contribute to their tech and have ideas. Female characters! in Science! Who make science cool and don’t care if they like PINK.

3. The importance of staying in school is highlighted in this movie. Again, I’m not going to spoil stuff but I like that this movie showed that school is a place that can provide you the best avenues for succeeding, without skimping on how hard it is to achieve it. A lot of movies like to show their protagonist ‘suddenly’ knowing what to do, how to do it, without any trial and error but this one doesn’t. It’s more ‘realistic’ in that aspect.

And this reason has nothing to do with the movie itself but

4. There were a few boys sitting behind me during the movie and one started sobbing at the ‘sad part’. I found it absolutely hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing. There was a kid beside me who didn’t cry but a full grown teen behind me, I dare say maybe 17/18, was full-out sobbing. Sure, I teared up because I am a sap, but still.

This was a good movie, better than a lot of the latest Disney creations. Go watch it, stay for the after-credits scene. 🙂


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