an explanation

I missed out on typing out a post yesterday. Honestly, I wasn’t having a great day. I had to go to the lab and drop of some blood samples for my dad, so that meant braving crappy morning traffic. Then, I had to get breakfast for my brother, handle all the laundry, handle dinner. I was feeling really shitty and got a horrible migraine. Naturally you’d have deduced by now that there was no haircut. I was having a bad day and that’s just the end of it.

I am grateful I didn’t meet up with friends yesterday, I’m grateful I didn’t type here because all you’d get was bitter me, angry at the world, angry at the work I had to do, just extremely annoyed with everything and anything. You all know that I’m crazy, but having me display it on the internet would just reduce your opinion me, which I do not need.

I have a whole day to look forward to and I hope that I can keep my mood/temper in check. I’m making burgers (the patties only, not the buns) from scratch today, so maybe I’ll write about that later or something. I hope you are having/had a better Tuesday than I did. xx


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