Finally watched Mockingjay



Deflated arm. haha

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My day was tiring though honestly, if I were to write it all down, it wasn’t too eventful. I did a bit of running about for my mom in the morning, followed my brother to court to send in something I couldn’t be bothered to remember, went to pick up his laptop in the worst place in KL (Low Yat aka the crappy place near Berjaya Times Square. It made me feel both claustrophobic and depressed at the same time), had lunch at Carl’s Jr., I picked up my Christmas cards for the year, watched Mockingjay Part 1, and finally returning home in a thunderstorm AKA redoing all the laundry I should have taken in before we left in the morning. Gah. On a sidenote, Jessica is out of hospital, so yay!

I enjoyed watching Mockingjay, but then again, I do really like the books. It has to be the most realistic POV of post-war struggles, but of course, that’s spoilers for the next movie. The make-up work was stellar and the set design was really good. The final scene was very charged, much like I pictured it would be, and for that I applaud the actors.

Lately, ever since I’ve been back, I have been consistently waking up at 5.45am. I sometimes wake up a earlier but usually by this time. I don’t understand it. I am on holiday but I am awake at a time some people would consider ‘ungodly’. My internal alarm clock is kinda screwing with me.

Tomorrow will likely be the day I chop off most of my hair, or at least, half of it. Have you ever been in the state where you’re just really mad at your hair and keep it off your face just so it doesn’t piss you off constantly? No? only me? So yeah, my hair has been up in a bun for most of the day. I hope I have enough guts to get it done though. I always overthink haircuts. I get nervous, I get paranoid. Due to my eyeglasses, I can’t see what they’re doing exactly during the ‘process’, so it’s a big reveal for me at the end. Fingers crossed that I am pleased with what I get tomorrow.

I hope your week has started well. We only have 36 days or so till the end of the year! That’s mental.


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