For the lack of a better title: Sunday

So, today included a trip to the hospital to see Jess (who thankfully is much, much better), making coconut jelly (As pictured below) and dinner out. I decided to take a few pictures of stuff, haven’t been photographing much lately. My skills are still at the bare minimum but here’s what I took today.

2 1

Here’s a magpie in the garden. Somehow, there’s been magpies hanging around my place lately.3

Dinner at Chillis: my parents and I shared a salad and the Cajun Sandwich thing (sorry, terrible with names). I am quite obsessed with salads lately. I must eat a certain amount of vegetables a day unless I’m dying to feel ‘unclean’. I can’t put it into words but eating vegetables makes me feel much better. That almost sounds really prissy.


ANYWAY. My week ahead includes me FINALLY getting a haircut, watching Mockingjay now that my brother is better, making a few more new dishes from the cookbook (I promise to take photos), and hopefully finalising my Christmas cards.

so yeah, I hope this finds you well. If it is YOUR Sunday right now, have a good one. If you’re reading this at night, I hope you have a fantastic last week of November! (Where did the time go? seriously?!)


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