Let’s start at the beginning.
I have had a busy week. My exams are in approximately a week’s time and I do have a bunch of things to cover. There’s clinical skills to practice, information to know by heart, my own ‘depressive state’ to battle. I have been very busy. I am unlikely to blog much in the next 2 weeks either. This is actually my first post this week, which is crazy because I have been blogging quite regularly. Unfortunately, real life takes precedence.

I must do well for my finals. I cannot afford (literally) to be held back a year, nor do I want to go back to JB for supplementary papers. It scares me.

I am back for my study break and I do not regret this decision. Being JB would have required me to think of what food I would eat, the pressure of having my housemate be mental.. no, I am home, I can cook whatever, I can do whatever. I have my support system here. Home is good. I can isolate myself from all that crazy energy. I need to stay calm.

In other news, I did go for the Nasi Lemak ‘convention’ today, so here are a few photos from that.

Translates to: Keep Calm and Eat Nasi Lemak




It’s basically this event held by Fried Chillies were the top 20 nasi lemak (a kind of Malaysian food, if you didn’t know) vendors gathered to sell their stuff. My mom and I popped by and were only able to try 3 different stalls, but that’s okay. I will say that out of the 3, only one was really good. Unfortunately, that stall is from Negeri Sembilan, which is a bit cray cray to go to just for food.

I had a good time really, so yay for that. I also stopped by Kiehl’s today with my mom because she needed some products and I took a few fun samples because I like free stuff. Apart from that, my day has either been eating or hitting the books.

If I don’t update this blog in a while, at least now you’ll know why. Beam me good thoughts guys. I really need them. And good luck to my bestie in Tasmania: you can do this, Rae Wae.

Have a good week guys!


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