Five OTHER Careers

I am a medical student. I will be a doctor in slightly over 2 years. But I had considered other options for my life prior to this. For this Five Friday, here are the 5 other paths I might have taken.

I love Ancient Egypt. I was really keen on learning their culture, their language, their games, their gods. I still have bookmarked pages of the British National Museum’s exhibit of Ancient Egypt. I almost cried when there was an expo on Tuthankamun in Singapore that I missed. I love The Mummy (first and second movie) and I watched a lot of NGeo documentaries. This would have been my choice if it was viable.

I was good at accounts. It’s a great subject. Straightforward, everything balances off! There isn’t much that is quite as satisfying as being able to tally the books at the end of the day. I would have done this if I didn’t love Biology more.

Biomedical Science-related
I may still get a degree in this as a postgrad work later on, perhaps. After A-levels, I was able to get a place in a really good UK university for this (thinking about it still bums me out) but due to financial constraints, I had to let it go. A-levels really showed me that I enjoyed research and lab work, the main reason I applied for this course. But it wasn’t meant to be, at that point in time anyway.

I enjoy seeing how people think. I like placing myself in other people’s shoes and figuring out their motivations for things. It’s interesting to observe behavior and ‘shrink’ people. I am usually the one person in my group who bothers about the psychosocial aspect of the disease, because it does cause a significant amount of impairment in people. Again, this is something I may do after med school.

As I said in the last post, I’m a Mad Men addict. And I have found creating art as a good outlet, even if it’s not that great. I enjoy mass comm; I love hearing about one of my best friend’s classes for that reason. That period of time between Year 1 and Year 2, when I was going through a lot, mentally, I did look up doing this sort of work and the courses in Lim Kok Wing University. But again, external forces pushed and I didn’t switch to arts. Who knows, that may have been for a good reason.

What about you? Do you have any other career choices that you would have taken if life hadn’t brought you to where you are?


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