Day 5: 5 Inspiring Teachers


Do you have teachers that have changed your life for the better? I have. I have these five amazing people that made me want to study, that helped me so much because of who they are. I thought for Inspire Week I would talk about them.

1. Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) teacher in Std 5 and 6: Puan Jamilah

I love Puan Jamilah. I wasn’t great at Malay. I could speak the language fluently but writing compositions was a tough thing for me. I approached her, I did extra work and she was one of the few teachers in our small school but she was willing to help me. She was always so supportive and kind. She never made any of us feel like getting those A’s in UPSR (aka the Std 6 ‘BIG EXAM’) was impossible.

2. Mr. Eng, my Science tuition teacher from Form 1 to 3

This man made me fall in love with science even more. Mr. Eng taught my brother when he was sitting for PMR and so, likewise, he taught me. I won’t lie, I owe my good foundation in science to this man. He made sure we all understood, he taught us how to understand the intricacies of the universe. When we didn’t understand material easily, he’d go through it again and again. As a retired entomologist, he used to relate his time in the field with what our material of the day was, telling us so many stories. He believed in me, and for that I am truly grateful.

3. English teacher in Form 5: Puan Nurhayati

Pn. Nurhayati is one of my favourite teachers from high school. She had style, sass and a way with words that made you wonder if she was teasing or completely serious. I first met her when she was in charge of the English Club when I was in Form 3, and I have been a fan ever since. A few of us (Nina and Jess) basically coerced her to taking my class in Form 5 because we really wanted a teacher that would inspire us to write better, instead of just writing well enough to get good grades. I used to borrow storybooks from Pn. Nurhayati, that’s how cool she is. If I ever visit high school one day, I am definitely giving her a hug.

4. A- Level Biology teacher: Miss Nesa

Miss Nesa didn’t use projectors in class. Armed with a marker pen, she would write on the board explaining our syllabus so beautifully. I am very grateful for her because during Form 4 and Form 5, I fell out of love with Biology because my high school teacher was frankly, lackluster, especially after Mr. Eng. Miss Nesa was magic. She really cared about how we did, she really loved science. She provided extra material for us to read and always made sure we understood principles, not just facts. I still remember things from A-levels because she was frankly that good.

5. Mr. Razak, one of my clinical tutors

This may seem silly but I only had 3 classes with this man but I was completely smitten. Mr. Razak is this General Surgeon who takes bedside classes with us, but only at night due to his work. I wasn’t too keen at the start because that meant class started at 8.30pm to 10.30pm. After our first class, I completely changed my mind. He is terrific. Unlike most surgeons, he has the best bedside manner I have ever seen. And he doesn’t bully us, like other tutors do sometimes. He’s very nurturing and teaches us EVERYTHING about management. I always tell myself that when I graduate, I want to be a doctor like Mr. Razak.

These 5 people are my heroes. I tend to get along with my teachers but I don’t always adore them. These 5 however, have helped mould my mind and for that I will be eternally grateful.


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