Day 3: Thank you


I got a letter from a good friend in the US of A today and it just reminded me how grateful I am to be supported by beautiful people all around the globe. Having such kind friends who bother to write letters or leave me messages on any form of social media is very meaningful.

It’s not easy to keep in touch with people, especially when they’re so far away. Nowadays, it’s not exactly an excuse to say ‘I can’t contact you’ or ‘I don’t see you’ because of the many advances technology has made: Skype, Facetime, Emailing, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. It’s so much easier to ‘keep in touch’, but only easy if you actually want to. There are times when things just fall apart and you find that you don’t actually want to make the effort. After years of having strained relationships, I have learned that if I truly want to, I would keep up with people.

The Internet has helped bring so many new people in to my life. I have made real friends here, since I was just starting to ‘get the hang of it’ when I was 13 years until now. Internet friends are REAL friends. Sometimes, you can connect with people so much more because it is far easier to let yourself speak freely without having to physically be there. Long gone are the days when you’d be very panicked to speak to a stranger online (sure, there’s still a real danger, but a lot of the time, you find REAL people).

I have great friends, and blog readers too, that genuinely take an interest in my life and pop up to check in on me. It’s hard to explain the euphoria you get when someone bothers to say HI. It means a lot, in ways that can’t be easily verbalised.

Thank YOU for reading this blog.

Thank YOU for leaving comments in any form (be it actually on WordPress or when you talk to me in Google hangouts or Whatsapp or Twitter or even Snapchat).

Thank YOU for taking time out for me.

I am truly humbled by your presence in my life. xx


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