about me



I’ve had a tiring day so I decided that writing this would be a good way to blow off steam. Or something. Here are some facts about me that you may or may not know.

1. I cry easily. Be it songs, or movies, or TV Shows or books. I cry. As long as it’s suppose to be sad, I will likely cry. I don’t think it shows that my tears are meaningless, it just shows I can empathise way too easily. My brother can’t stand that it. But it helps with stage work.

2. I almost ate a fly once. This is still my top childhood story: I was at a wet market with my mom when a fly flew into my mouth, and by reflex, I closed it. I felt it buzz around for a bit until my mom told me to open my mouth. Yes, I am that stupid child.

3. I am accident prone. I may have said this before. I have had a whole lot of accidents my whole life: car accident, electric shocks, fallen into drains, fallen off the stairs, fallen .. everywhere else.

4. I was highly competitive as a child. Being a sorta-Type-A, I joined every competition imaginable. Poetry recital, storytelling, quizzes, board game-competitions. A lot of stuff. I have the medals to prove it. I was probably the kid that everyone hated in primary school. And parts of secondary school. Other people were probably tired of seeing me go up the stage.

5. I really like peppermint. Tea, ice-cream, chewing-gum, the scent. I love it.

6. I don’t like soft-toys. I think they’re cute and pretty to look at, but I’m not the soft-toy type. I think it’s been ingrained into my brain that ‘soft toys collect dust’.

7. My brother is kinda my best ‘best friend’. I don’t think I go a day without sending him a text or a random voice message. I may annoy my non-related besties with pictures and Tumblr links, but none as much as my brother. I think moving around a hell of a lot has made me all that much closer to him. Sure, we fight like we want to kill each other sometimes, but I think I could survive The Amazing Race with Aaron (that’s my friendship test really. I define good friendships as the friendships that can endure The Amazing Race); we wouldn’t win because really, that game is hard, but we wouldn’t be at each others throats 90% of the time.

8. I like fonts. I spend a lot of time picking fonts for my blog or things I make on Photoshop. If the font isn’t right, I don’t post it.

9. I watch A LOT of TV. I know, it’s surprising for a med student but here’s the trick: I rarely watch the whole episode. I skim if it’s a show I’m not fully invested in. And sometimes, even then! I do it with 80% of the shows I follow except maybe Doctor Who or Sherlock or Fringe (when it was around). The rest are pretty skim-able.

10. I am terrified of the supernatural. Not God and the angels of course, but more of the horror stories involving vampires or ghosts. I’m not scared of zombies. I think it’s mostly because I am unable to wrap my mind around ‘supernatural’ creatures but I can understand zombies. If I can understand it, I am not fearful of it.

Random facts right? Anything up there that surprises you? 🙂



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