Sometimes I wonder about my own maturity. If I’m too lazy, I sit in bed and eat Koko Krunch for lunch. And drink lots of tea. I drank approximately twelve cups yesterday. TWELVE. That’s crazy, right? Needless to say, there was much peeing involved.

When I need to feel better about being myself on regular days (not the days when I am a complete wreck, of course), I do these things:

  1. Clean my room– it can never be too clean. This constitutes rearranging books, rearranging my table, sometimes rearranging the whole layout of my room. And of course, vacuuming. Because vacuuming= love.
  2. Self-grooming– very animal like I guess. I fix my brows, I scrub myself clean from head to toe. I’m all about cleaning when I’m upset.
  3. Clearing my browser– All cache, all data, all websites. Everything must go. I don’t know why I do that.
  4. Changing my desktop background– It changes with my emotional state. If I need renewal, it’s out with the old.
  5. Drink tea– I don’t drink tea as often as one would think (yesterday was just a weird day). But once all the cleaning is done, I can settle down and drink tea calmly. The warm-to-hot temperature helps me feel like I’ve cleansed myself internally too.

So, you can probably guess what I did today.



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