I was too sleepy to type anything coherent last night, so here’s last night’s post today.

I love weekends at home. Sure, I didn’t study anything for the past 2 days and a half but I have had a lovely time. Saturday was spent doing bits of chores and beta-reading one of my favourite author’s first book. Sunday was when I made my own version of Julia Child’s Floating Island (too sweet and I’m sure I followed the recipe. I think a cut down would be helpful for the next time I make a meringue-cake). Food has been lovely and the company delightful. Jessica popped by yesterday because I couldn’t contact her on her phone, a surprise but a welcomed one. I managed to buy snacks to last me till I come home in November.


My version of Julia Child’s “Floating Island”. It doesn’t look great and was a tad bit sweet, but it’s okay. Haha #food #dessert

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Today, I’ll be flying off at 6.50 pm, meaning I have to leave for the airport by 5.30pm. I’ll be meeting my best friends in an hour for a short catch-up, which will be lovely after a month plus of not seeing each other.

I know this is a recap of stuff but I am just really pleased to be back, as I always am. And of course, incredibly reliable internet doesn’t hurt. 😉


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