In which I hang out alone


*this was written on Friday afternoon 

You know those people who bring their laptops to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or Starbucks or those designer-coffee places? You know how people judge them sometimes? Like, I mean, “Don’t you have Wifi at home?”

I am one of those people at this particular moment.

And the Wifi connection is miserable.

At least not that the CBTL that I’m at. I landed in Subang about 2 hours ago. My brother picked me up an hour and a half ago. He has an interview right now, so to prevent him from being late, I tagged along. Lucky for me, there’s a mall right beside the venue allowing me to sit here and waste my time for a few hours.

I have become one of those people I constantly side-eye in malls:

Walking around aimlessly with a laptop in hand, looking for the right spot to sit while trying to appear like I have important things to do. I think I can now empathise with those people. Sometimes, there really isn’t anywhere else to go.

I tried to distract myself a bit. I walked around each floor, dropped by the pharmacy and purchased a few necessities (and un-neccesities). I had to resign myself to a coffee shop because sometimes, that’s all you have.

There is a couple in a corner, who ordered right before me. An older guy (about my mother’s age) and a young lady who’s maybe bordering on her early thirties. I eavesdropped while I waited for my drink (yes, I am that sort of person). She’s adopted, she looked for her birth mom and found out she wasn’t completely one race, a fact that her adoptive mother tried to hide. He’s deepy entranced by her story and frankly, so am I. I would love to sit down and hear the rest of this drama. Alas, eavesdropping is a temporary hobby and I grab my drink to sit.

I have chosen the opposite end of the shop, a secluded spot to ensure I look less annoying to everyone else. Perhaps, no one will see me here. I just realised that I have chosen the spot next to the entrance of the store/kitchen/cleaning room because the baristas have been bringing glasses back and forth for the past few minutes, while side-eyeing me.

Like I said, I am now one of those people.

I would look so much more amusing if I had a kimono and a hat on. Though of course, that would require me to actually be fashionable. I just got off a plane, I have no time to look glamourous. Not that I look glamourous on a daily basis either.

As you can probably tell at this point, I am far too bored and clearly needed to type this so I don’t look pathetic. The chai latte is good though. So, good.


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